Technology Roadmap Optimization

Ensuring Cyber Nation Central’s Ventures Solve Moonshots, Are Best-in-Class and Stay Best-in-Class

In its Scaling Cyberspace Defense Ventures Practice, Cyber Nation Advisory seeks to:

  1. Help define the problems that the Cyber Nation Central ecosystem’s technology innovators should focus on addressing and solving through their technology development in order to answer some of the most important challenges of the next decade+ in cybersecurity and cybersecurity’s ability to protect our physical world;
  2. Help vet the technology solutions the ecosystem is planning on investing into;
  3. Help align the technologies with country-level cybersecurity regulatory policy and vice-versa;
  4. Help challenge startups to think bigger, bolder, and yet match with top-notch execution;

In support of this mission, Cyber Nation Central utilizes the depth and breadth of its Advisors’ experience, garnered from across US military, Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and others, to drive the technical prowess of Ventures’ technology solutions.

Aimed at ensuring Ventures are best-in-class and stay best-in-class, and are managing technology and regulatory risk appropriately, Advisory in this area focuses on two sub-areas that may help Venture success, or adversely affect it if not handled appropriately:

  1. Cybersecurity Technology Innovation
  2. Cybersecurity Regulatory Policy & Law

With respect to Cybersecurity Technology Innovation, to ensure that Venture technologies are best-in-class and stay that way, Cyber Nation Central relies on market research to keep abreast of the state of technological innovation that CNC Venture Founders may not be aware of and which can meaningfully impact the Venture’s technology solution’s market adoption (on the upside or downside).

With respect to Cybersecurity Regulatory Policy & Law, Cyber Nation Central relies on its knowledge of the state of the regulatory legal field that surrounds whatever technology Cyber Nation Central seeks to invest into in order to ensure the technology solution’s longevity and ROI potential, thus preventing a Venture from going out of business simply because lawmakers pass a law that makes it so.