Cybersecurity Startups with following characteristics:

  • Predominantly cybersecurity technologies developed in US and Israel;
  • Seeking:
    1. Seed, Series A, Series B investment;
    2. Help in distributing their technology to the US and allied markets across Asia and Europe that are strongholds of Cyber Nation;
    3. Strategic advisory at the highest level of quality;
  • Strategy
    1. Cybersecuring our nations through cutting-edge innovation that meaningfully redefines the landscape (i.e. “not just another best iPhone app…”)
  • Technology:
    1. Best-in-class cybersecurity technology seeking to solve most challenging cybersecurity problems of the world;
    2. Represents a frontier of cybersecurity technology innovation yet one that’s at ready for commercial adoption and scalable commercialization;
    3. Technologies that, ideally, battle a citizen, an institution, and/or a nation’s ALL THREE POTENTIAL LOSSES stemming from a cyber hack (and therefore are highly scalable): 1. Loss of reputational well-being; 2. Loss of financial well-being; and, most importantly 3. Loss of LIFE.
    4. Large addressable market;
    5. Disruptive technology, with defensible IP;
    6. Has already and successfully been commercially deployed (rare exceptions will be made for teams with proven track record);
    7. Particular focus on Cybersecurity of IoT and Connected Devices, Cloud Infrastructure Security, Control Systems @ intersection with AI, blockchain, quantum computing;
    8. Innovative usage of frontier tech (AI/ML, blockchain, quantum computing, etc) in cybersecurity solution being developed
  • Business model;
    1. Focused on addressing a major global issue in the area of cybersecurity;
    2. Already proven, with confirmed Product-Market Fit;
    3. Already revenue generative (need not have scaled yet);
  • Team:
    1. Credible Founder-Market Fit;
    2. Solid and higher-purpose-minded;t
    3. Coachable;
    4. Demonstrated discipline in hiring and retaining A+ talent
  • Areas CNC is particularly interested in helping solve cybersecurity issues of:
    1. Future of Autonomous Transportation;
    2. Future of National Defense (at national, state, and city level);
    3. Future of Healthcare;
    4. Future of Personal & Institutional Digital/Data Integrity, Veracity, and Privacy;
  • Therefore, particularly important is focus on solving a real problem, ideally with an application (need not be exclusively) in:
    1. Transportation, Defense, Healthcare sectors’…
    2. Vehicles, Logistics, Critical Infrastructure;
    3. Related Digital Security and Privacy;
    4. Ultimately National Security;

i. CNV’s pure-play focus on Autonomous & Connected Transportation, Defense, and Healthcare Systems’ Cybersecurity is especially partial to Autonomous & Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity technologies, as their exponential progress is already driving and will only increasingly and exponentially continue to drive cybersecurity solutions for Autonomous & Connected Logistics and Critical Infrastructure (see diagram below)