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For over 40 years, Mr. Jarding has provided strategic media training and campaign management training to thousands of elected officials, candidates, executives, political parties, and a litany of causes across over 30 countries in North America, Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. His clients have included Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Congress, Members of Parliament, Senators, Governors, Corporate Executives, as well as candidates, staff and elected officials in local, city and regional campaigns and elections around the world.

Mr. Jarding’s work has, over the decades, earned him the recognition as an American and international media training and political campaign strategy and execution icon. Stalwarts from US Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) to Cody Keenan, Head Speech Writer for President Barack Obama, have said of Mr. Jarding “I owe my political career to Steve Jarding. If it were not for Steve, I never would have won.” and “Steve Jarding is simply the best communications trainer out there,” respectively. Others, like 2018 US Congressional winner, Steve Watkins (R-KS), said “If it were not for Steve Jarding, I would not have even run for Congress – and I sure would not have won.”

With a lifetime dedicated to protecting the positive impact of those that should get the chance to positively influence the world, Mr. Jarding has joined Cyber Nation Central’s mission to prevent the spread of disinformation campaigns that would otherwise prevent those in government and the private sector from fulfilling the higher purpose they have been meant to fulfill.

His exemplary experience, earned from the decades of winning fiercely-fought-for elected office campaigns, is for the first time available to both government and private sector “corner” office clients – under the Cyber Nation Central banner. In a world where improperly handled cyber attacks and nefariously-waged disinformation campaigns are costing government and private sector executives and Boards their reputations at best and their very existence at worst, Cyber Nation Central’s Clients gain media and communication training that helps them handle some of the toughest, often career-ending, reputation-tarnishing, and share-price-decimating disinformation media campaigns. Through his work with Cyber Nation Central, Mr. Jarding imparts into Clients how to achieve the fine balance of discharging their fiduciary responsibilities to not only properly prepare for and disclose cyber attacks, inevitable to any company, but how to communicate those in a way that achieves transparency while protecting citizen, consumer, and shareholder value.

An influencer of influencers, Mr. Jarding has taught two of the most transformative courses at Harvard University’ Kennedy School of Government since 2004, earning him “Most Influential Course Award” and “Teacher of the Year Award” on numerous occasions. The first, Making of a “Politician,” is focused on helping candidates for public office ensure their message “delivery” does not detract from their content and instead strengthens it. Mr. Jarding’s cutting edge techniques on how to connect with audiences, developed over a 40 year body of work and tested worldwide, set him apart from any other communications expert in the world. The second course, Running for “Office” and Managing Campaigns, complete with a department by department business plan for success, coaches aspiring politicians and CEOs on everything from making the decision to seek positions of influence to preparing a ground-up strategy to win, including everything from fundraising
to building a supporting execution platform.