• Cyber Nation Advisory serves to:
    1. Help define the problems the ecosystem’s technology innovators should focus on addressing and solving through their technology development in order to answer some of the most important challenges of the next decade+ in cybersecurity and its ability to protect our physical world;
    2. Help vet the technology solutions the ecosystem is planning on vetting;
    3. Help align the technologies with country-level cybersecurity regulatory policy and vice-versa;
    4. Help challenge startups to think bigger, bolder, and yet match with top-notch execution;
  • Cyber Nation Central takes on clients in the private and government sector, globally across US allies, very selectively. For those clients, it drives an immense amount of focused value. See detailed advisor bios and full advisory scope for details of areas in which CNA drives value.
  • Advisory Scope Document (CyberFrontiers.Advisory&ConsultingScope.vF.2019.08.27.vExt in Document folder) , which ought to land on;
  • See Advisor Bios on;