Startups gain access to:

  • Advisors of highest pedigree:
    1. 3+ decades in combined investment management (VC/PE) experience & generating ROI;
    2. 3+ decades of deep cybersecurity, transportation, logistics, aerospace & defense background/expertise from private and government space;
    3. Strong government relationships across US federal, state, and local governments and governments of allied nations;
    4. Strong operating background as business chairmen, CEOs and founders, with global experience across US, Asia, Middle East, and Europe;
    5. Personal and professional development focus in own life;
  • Strategy Coaching, overall and in areas ranging across
    1. Scaling Growth Ventures Strategy;
    2. Corporate & Cybersecurity Strategy;
    3. Corporate Governance;
    4. Autonomous & Connected Transportation & Defense Sector;
    5. Cybersecurity Technology Innovation;
    6. Cybersecurity Regulatory Policy & Law;
    7. Merger, Acquisition, IPO Strategy;
  • Personal and Professional Development Coaching for Founders, novice Board Chairmen, and Board Members:
    1. Focused on personal Founder/CEO/Chairman/Board Member effectiveness and scalability, including personal routines and systems that drive daily leader effectiveness;
    2. Focused on life coaching and integration of personal and professional effectiveness (an area Andrzej Cetnarski is particularly focused on driving with growth venture leadership teams)
  • Research: Cyber Nation Ventures portfolio companies gain access to research that aims to ensure they are and stay best in class and are managing technology and regulatory risk by providing them, where necessary, with additive:
    1. Cybersecurity Technology Innovation Research;
    2. Cybersecurity Regulatory Policy & Law Research;

Tech Distribution

Startups gain access to a network of:

  • Private sector and Government customers/buyers of their technology solutions, in US and across US allies globally, including Japan, Singapore, Germany, as well as France, UK, Switzerland, and South Korea;


Startups gain access to:

  • A trusted source of capital that comes from a network of trusted sources across US and from our stronghold strategic markets above;