Primary Audience 2 Drivers:

  • Realize their cybersecurity as CEOs and organizational leaders is far more demanding than what is provided as the cybersecurity blanket for their average employee or for their organization more holistically because they:
    1. Travel: and are therefore exposed to more, more varied, and more persistent threats;
    2. Are a source of confidential information: and therefore are a higher target;
    3. Have a demanding lifestyle: and therefore may pay less attention to behaving cybersecurily or adopting the right technologies to protect themselves;
    4. Have a highly-varied lifestyle (take car service, present throughout office space, traveling on airplanes, working out of hotels, co-working spaces in/outside hotels/cafes, traveling to foreign countries) and therefore are exposed to many, many more opportunities to be cyber-breached)
  • Cyber Nation Think Tank’s (CNT) C-Level trainings are focused on the VIP strictly, AND:
    1. CNT brings NSA-quality cybersecurity knowledge into the VIP’s toolkit;
    2. CNT provides leaders with turnkey solutions that are cost-effective and efficiently build a highly-deterrent cybersecurity wall around the leader, with technological and behavioral solutions;
    3. CNT’s solution is easy to implement even for leaders with low/virtually no cybersecurity budgets, low/nonexistent tech knowledge, who are time-poor;