Primary Audience 2: Heads of Private & Government Sector Organizations: VIPs (CEOs, Board Members, Government Officials, Politicians, Celebrities), including but not limited to:

  • Board Members that know their cybersecurity and resulting fiduciary responsibility goes beyond company-wide policies;
    1. CEOs who are not getting enough from their IT Departments in terms of knowledge of how CEO cybersecurity departs from simply “organizational cybersecurity” and how they are personally liable for not ensuring they have cybersecurity at the CEO level;
    2. Small Business Owners that don't have an enterprise team to show them what to do, or can't afford one, are not techies themselves, yet have the needs for cybersecuring themselves (as all CEOs do) while traveling, while on the town, while at the office, and while at home (protecting their family’s cybersecurity as a way to protect their own cybersecurity)