Primary Audience 1 Drivers:

  • ACCESS TO STRATEGIC ADVISORY, DISTRIBUTION, STRATEGIC CAPITAL: Startups most need (1) Quality Strategic Advice on their way to Scalability, (2) Help with Go-2-Market Strategy & Execution and with access to end- customers, (3) Access to not just capital but Strategic Capital – CNC doesn’t provide just one of these, it provides all of these. But it doesn’t just provide all of these – it provides them at the highest level of quality, from the Advisors to the breadth of customers across government and private sector, from US to globally across allied nations;
  • FOUNDER-FIRST APPROACH & SCALABILITY COACHING: Founder/CEO Coaching: “it’s lonely at the top” it is said – Cyber Nation Central is a “founder-first” strategic advisor and investor to startups, with a rigorous coaching program aimed at scaling founders across the lifecycle of the startup, including focus of balancing founders between personal and professional commitments;