Personal & Professional Development & Coaching

“Founder-First” Approach to Personal & Professional Development

“Culture starts at the top,” the saying goes. While Founder CEOs/Founding Teams have a vested interest in scaling their company and building a culture of empowerment that succeeds at scale, they often face issues of “personal scalability” as they scale their ventures from the earliest stages through Series A, B and beyond. Too often, Founders burn out (sometimes multiple times), causing a “drag” on company culture while the Founder CEO tries to adapt to increasingly more demanding responsibilities, often ultimately allowing their inability to scale fast enough to cause their replacement by an “imported” CEO that is charged with scaling the company from where the Founder “left off.”

Having themselves been Founders, Chairmen, and CEOs of growth ventures, having overseen ventures as investors and operating partners, and having gone through a variety of personal and professional coaching schools, including graduating from the Tony Robbins Mastery University, Cyber Nation Central’s Principals understand the intricacies of these challenges and how to navigate them intimately well. As such, they believe in investing into ventures where the Founder’s natural foundation for personal scalability and company scalability, when combined with effective coaching, has the potential for an outsized return on investment for everyone.

Following this “Founder-First” motto, Cyber Nation Central’s Personal & Professional Development & Coaching Sub-Practice seeks to create “Quantum Founders” that can scale themselves AND the company by coaching Founder CEOs, Founding Teams, novice Board Directors and Chairmen, in areas of:
1. General:

  1. Building Founders into Scalable CEOs
  2. Building Founders into Scalable Chairwomen/Chairmen

2. Culture:

  1. Creating Empowering Founder CEOs for Optimal Culture Creation
  2. Optimizing Founders as the Culture “Standard Bearers”

3. Personal Effectiveness:

  1. Development of Personal & Professional Daily, Weekly, Monthly Effectiveness Routines
  2. Personal Daily Energy Management (Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, Sleep)
  3. Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

4. Integration of Self vs. Stakeholders:

  1. Work, Family, Self, Community Integration
  2. Optimization of Founder vs. Management Team vs. Board strength dynamics
  3. Integration of Founder long-term vision for “Self” vs. for “Venture”
  4. Optimization of Founder’s Daily/Weekly/Monthly Stakeholder Engagement Model (e.g. Board, Management, Employees, external partners, etc.)