Our Mission

Cyber Nation Central seeks to fulfill its vision in four distinct but related ways:

  • Coaching and providing access to top advisory, strategic 1 capital, and customers to cybersecurity startup founders and their teams working on state-of-the-art, leading-edge cybersecurity and related technologies and helping them deploy those technologies towards solving some of the most challenging cybersecurity problems faced by Cyber Nation Central’s network of private and government sector customers across the US and allied nations across the world, currently predominantly in North America, Asia and Europe.
  • Providing access for private and government sector organizations across US and its allies to top cybersecurity technology innovation, especially the highest tiers of that innovation in the US and Israel – Cyber Nation Central’s stronghold technology-sourcing markets – so they can exponentially progress our nations’ most pressing cybersecurity challenges.
  • Providing access for strategic and financial investors motivated by ROI and excited by simultaneous opportunity to help drive the cybersecurity of our nations (rather than just investing in the next best phone app) to investment opportunities into cybersecurity technology growth ventures solving some of the world’s most challenging cybersecurity issues across transportation (autonomous and not), defense, and healthcare, among others.
  • Coaching and training CEOs, Board Members, cabinet/ministry-level government officials and political figures at the federal, state, and city-level, as well as other high-cyber-target celebrities and VIPs cybersecurity and privacy protection, and countering disinformation campaigns. In so doing, Cyber Nation Central’s training has a direct effect on the cybersecurity, privacy, and overall well-being in the digital space of the VIPs themselves, their families, and their organizations.
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