Our Legacy Creation – Brief Company History

Cyber Nation Central® was founded in 2016 under the brand of Cyber Frontiers. In 2019, Cyber Frontiers spun off its cybersecurity and corporate advisory as well as cybersecurity startup funding activities, restructuring and building on them to launch Cyber Nation Central® – a cyberspace defense ecosystem composed of four separate and highly synergistic areas:

Cyber Nation Central® was founded by Andrzej Cetnarski, a cybersecure-nation-building-focused global leader and advisor to industry and government leaders globally; cybersecurity public-private partnership innovator; cybersecurity technology mentor and investor; and speaker and author in the areas of cybersecurity future-tech innovation, defense, regulatory policy, and diplomacy.

A “responsible-cyberspace-development-and-security” ambassador; tech entrepreneur; Chairman and CEO of a global startup himself at a young age; personal performance enthusiast; MBA alum of the Wharton School of Business; MC/MPA alum of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government; AB alum of the rigorously analytical University of Chicago school of thought; and alum of the Tony Robbins Life Mastery and Business Mastery University, Mr. Cetnarski founded Cyber Nation Central® on the principle that building cybersecure renditions of our physical nations requires not just technology innovation but a partnership between private sector innovation and government regulatory policy innovation, as well as future-forward exponential and sustainable strategic thinking and execution by individuals that are individually and collectively scalable and driving a better tomorrow.

Cyber Nation Central® therefore invests its resources into catalyzing a robust partnership among (1) the thriving cybersecurity startup and corporate sector innovation, (2) smart, scalable, and sustainable government regulation, and (3) innovative strategic advisory and think-tank-level rigorous approach to problem solving for the purpose of creating pragmatic solutions to our most challenging cybersecurity problems of the next decade and beyond.

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