Operation Technology (OT) Vulnerabilities Identification & Management

Securing Often Overlooked Yet Critical OT Resources

Operation Technology (OT) is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Damage or destruction of OT can have catastrophic repercussions. Unfortunately, many public and private organizations that employ OT – industrial control systems, building management systems, fire control systems, and physical access control systems – believe the tactics, techniques, and tools used to protect their IT systems are doing the same for their OT. Yet, even simple network scans with certain tools intended for IT networks can inadvertently permanently damage OT appliances. Malicious actors know this is not the case and exploit this gap in strategic execution.

Cyber Nation Central helps Clients assess their organization’s OT employment, identifies vulnerabilities, assesses and prioritizes the risk of those vulnerabilities, and proposes a mitigation strategy. Furthermore, Cyber Nation Central can assist Clients in rapidly maturing their cybersecurity workforce to handle the challenges of OT.

Advisory Scope Includes:
1. Designing a vulnerability assessment and mitigation program including blue team and red team integration;
2. Recommending training strategies to enhance Clients’ cybersecurity professionals’ OT specific cybersecurity skills;
3. Developing mitigation strategies for OT that consider organizational functions, priorities, and cost;
4. Developing strategies for communicating residual risk to decision makers and Board Members.