• VIP Cybersecurity:
    1. Focus on the leader, rather than just the organization;
    2. The simplicity, affordability, and non-techhiness of the training, making it available even for CEOs that (1) are time-strapped, (2) non-techy, (3) don’t have a big corporate cybersecurity/training budget;
  • Focus on preventing and dealing with disinformation campaigns;
    1. Both tech and non-tech focus;
    2. Training delivered by individuals who have ran Presidential, Senatorial, Parliamentary, and other political campaigns, and former military/defense officials with both technological and non-tech disinformation campaign background;
  • Advisors’ ability to, post-training, serve as insourced consultants on issues from strategy and corporate governance, to cybersecurity technology innovation as part of a broader organizational digitalization, to regulatory policy review and corporate policy development;