• a. For Investors:
    1. All the benefits of a VC fund but none of the lockups: unlike a VC fund, Cyber Nation Central allows investors to invest on a deal-by deal basis, under economics similar to a VC fund (management fee/carried interest participation/CNC co-investment alongside investors). This provides investors:
      1. A rare amount of flexibility given the deal-by-deal nature of investment;
      2. Expertise of Cyber Nation Advisors;
      3. Alignment of interest with Cyber Nation Central;
    2. CNV is structured in a way that gives non-US investors ability to invest into US (as well as Israeli) cybersecurity technologies (dubbed “critical technologies” by US CFIUS 2 regulations and therefore hard to gain US government’s approval to invest into otherwise).
  • For Technology Acquisition Teams: Fully-vetted, diligenced startups with:
    1. Disruptive technologies;
      1. Defensible IP;
      2. Technologies already in commercial deployment with corporate/government customers in US/globally;
    2. Business model;
      1. Already proven, with confirmed Product-Market Fit;
      2. Already revenue generative;
    3. Focused on solving real problems, ideally with an application (not be exclusively) in:
      1. Transportation, Defense, Healthcare sectors’…
      2. Vehicles, Logistics, Critical Infrastructure;
      3. National security;
    4. Often below-market terms offered to CNC Distribution Partners vs. market terms;


  • Pure-play cybersecurity focus;
  • Ecosystemic benefits to investors, where their investment is not only managed by experts within Cyber Nation Central but where Cyber Nation Central exponentially increases chances of portfolio company success through:
    1. Active Advisory of portfolio company, usually as a Board Member or Chairman;
    2. Distribution of portfolio company technologies, thereby helping actively scale the portfolio company;
    3. Access technology and regulatory expertise to avoid pitfalls for the portfolio companies, thereby exponentially increasing their chances of success;
    4. Global access to government and private sector customers;
  • Cyber Nation Central sits on the board of one of Israel’s top hitech accelerators out of Be’er Sheva, Israel – the stronghold of Israel’s cybersecurity technology innovation (see link to press release, which will be moved to after website launches);
    1. Principals natives to Boston-NYC-DC Corridor with proprietary networks of 400+ investment pipeline;
    2. CNC-Israel partnership w/ Israel Nat’l Cyber Directorate, Be’er Sheva Cyber Park, Israel Innovation Authority, Ministry of Economy, prestigious EISP 8200 & Negev HiTech Accelerators, top Universities in US, Israel, and globally (including MIT, Technion, Ben Gurion, etc.)
    3. Highest-level US/Israel government, corporate sector, academia access