• Ecosystemic benefits: advisory, funding, distribution, think tank;
  • Serious amount of expertise surrounding deserving startups – we take startup innovation as a precursor to bolstering national security and therefore provide startups with the best of the best;
  • Access for startups to both government and private sector (as providers of knowledge and as customers) together under one roof;
  • We have global distribution capability across US and allies;
  • Tony Robbins methodology, tools and event access utilized for coaching of Founding Teams;
  • Extremely high quality advisors, with a rare mix of pedigrees and yet high level of motivated accessibility to our startups;
  • Cyber Nation Ventures is led by seasoned team of serial investors & operators:
    1. 3+ decades of investment mgmnt (VC & PE) experience & generating investor ROI; 50+yrs overall professional experience;
    2. 3+ decades of deep cybersecurity, transportation, logistics, aerospace & defense background/expertise from private and government space + proprietary investment pipeline;
    3. Decades of proven ability to significantly improve acquired companies through active coaching and return outsized ROI;
    4. Strong government relationships (cybersecurity and at highest political levels) in US and Israel, and across allied nations;
    5. Strong operating background as business CEOs & founders w/ global experience working across US, Middle East, Asia, Europe