Media Training

Training Corporate and Government Leaders for High-Stakes Live Media Interviews and Hearings

Whether in crisis or normal course of operations, most CEOs, Board Directors, and government officials struggle with reputation-affecting, grueling, live media interviews or televised congressional/parliamentary hearings resulting from cyberattack disclosures as much as non-cyber-related crises.

Cyber Nation Central fully prepares these leaders to face live, high-stakes audiences, arming them with both strategic messaging and personal-appearance- and during-interview-conduct media training to ensure their delivery and content work to their and their organizations’ benefit, not their detriment.

Advisory Scope Includes:
1. The art of the interview and how to “win” all media interviews;
2. Development of media training techniques, including body language and voice techniques, general proven speech giving techniques to connect with audiences; how to determine the best messages to use and how to stay on message;
3. Techniques on how to write and deliver a successful speech;
4. Extensive training for how to win high-stakes, high-pressure debates;
5. Preparation of CEOs/Boards & government officials for congressional/parliamentary hearings;
6. Crisis communication and management;
7. Press release writing, radio feeds, satellite feeds and internet, social media and intra-campaign and party communications;
8. Consideration of all “secondary” types of advertising and messaging.