Insider Threat Program Development

Protecting the Business and the Workforce through Development of Insider Threat Management Program & Associated Policies Needed to Detect and Mitigate Cyber-focused Insider Threats

Many of the most damaging cyber-related events are generally initiated or executed by insiders, acting as either malicious or negligent actors.

Effective insider threat programs combine indicators from robust.

Development of a robust insider threat management program requires a coordinated plan and associated policies to collect, disseminate, analyze and report pertinent insider threat indicators from robust IT/OT security programs, HR reporting programs, and other functions subject to potential risk to responsible organizational elements, including security, human resources, IT security and potentially corporate general counsel.

Aside from helping Clients develop effective programs to protect their intellectual property, infrastructure, and workforce from leaks, spills, industrial espionage, and workplace violence, Cyber Nation Central reviews Clients’ IT, OT, cybersecurity, and organizational policies to develop effective insider threat programs that help identify and mitigate potential insider threat risks while protecting the Client’s revenue, reputation, and employees.

Advisory Scope Includes:
1. Design insider threat programs within existing organizational policies and architecture and recommending areas for enhancement or development to better support a comprehensive program;
2. Where appropriate, recommend integration of physical security or police response to indicators or activities;
3. Developing tailored initial and periodic training programs;
4. Designing table-top exercises (TTX) to test Clients’ insider threat program effectiveness.