Cybersecurity Training for Boards, C-Suites, Employees

Building Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Programs across Organizations

Cybersecurity is now a fiduciary responsibility Boards can no longer ignore. Understanding those fiduciary duties and how their proper discharge affects every part of the organization can be the difference between success and Board Member termination for malpractice.

Furthermore, given that majority of cybersecurity breaches are human-factor-driven, predominantly through unsuspecting (or mal-intent-driven) employees that serve as conduits to a breach, ensuring adequate training for everyone in an organization, not just the IT and security staff, is critical.

Cyber Nation Central helps Clients develop cybersecurity awareness and training programs for Boards, C-Suites, IT and non-IT staff that increase an organization’s ability to safeguard its sensitive information and usher an era of cybersecurity integration with corporate strategy.

Advisory Scope Includes:
1. Developing initial and periodic training programs tailored for the Client based on industry, experience, and organization;
2. Developing specialized training for Board Members, Executives, and Senior-level employees who are of high interest to threat actors due to their access to non-public information and an organization’s crown jewels;
3. Designing training assessments – announced and unannounced – to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.