• CYBER NATION ADVISORY (formerly Cyber Frontiers)

  • Advising Global Leaders on Cyberspace Defense Strategy & Tech Innovation

Cyber Nation Advisory is a division of Cyber Nation Central® providing strategy advisory services to private and government sector organizations, aimed at integrating their physical selves into their cyber replicas, and doing so with cybersecurity and revenue scalability in mind.

The overarching mission of Cyber Nation Advisory is, through the expertise of its high-caliber Client Advisors and in collaboration with its Clients, to:
1) Identify the most serious cybersecurity and related problems to focus on;
2) Advise corporations and governments on a strategy to address those;
3) Advise cyberspace defense growth ventures on technology innovation and strategy to address those.

Cyber Nation Advisory seeks to bring cybersecurity (1) technology innovation, (2) regulatory policy innovation, and (3) organizational policy innovation together with management consulting and technical advisory to help its private- and government- sector clients solve some of the most pressing issues facing the cybersecurity of national critical infrastructure, specifically the autonomous and connected systems of transportation and defense sectors, including vehicles, logistics, and critical infrastructure


Cyber Nation Central® drives Advisory value through:

  • Becoming Chairman or Director on the Board, as appropriate
  • Becoming Senior Advisor to Leadership
  • Delivering Topic-specific Speeches or Workshops to Leadership
  • Selectively undertaking short/mid-term Advisory/Consulting assignments



If you’re a Global or Local Leader, or work for one, and are interested in retaining Cyber Nation Advisory, please email us at enquiry@cybernationcentral.com with Subject Line “Cyber Nation Advisory - Enquiry”


If you’re a Venture solving the world’s most challenging cybersecurity problems and would like to be considered for our next Cyber Nation Ventures Cohort of advisory, capital funding, and tech distribution assistance, please email us at enquiry@cybernationcentral.com with Subject Line “Cyber Nation Ventures – Venture Enquiry”

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