Cyber Nation Advisory provides Access to:

  • A Variety of Product Delivery Methods:
    1. Becoming Chairman or Director on the Board, as appropriate
    2. Becoming Senior Advisor to Leadership
    3. Delivering Topic-specific Speeches or Workshops to Leadership
    4. Selectively undertaking short/mid-term Advisory/Consulting assignments
  • Advisors that Represent Quality, Depth, and Breadth of Experience and Expertise:
    1. Variety of Industry Verticals:
      1. Bulge-bracket Investment Banking/Top-Tier Management Consulting, Venture Capital, Private Equity
      2. Corporate Sector/Industry
      3. Military
      4. Government Executive Branch
      5. Government Legislative Branch (Political Campaigns)
      6. Growth Venture Vertical
    2. Variety of Functions Served:
      1. i. Board, Executive Management, Operations, IT, Intelligence, Finance, Sales, Political Campaign Management, Marketing, Audit, Teaching/Academic
    3. Variety of Sectors:
      1. Cybersecurity, Technology, Intelligence, Transportation, Logistics, Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate
    4. Ivy+ Educational Background:
      1. Wharton School of Business, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Business School, University of Chicago, New York University, others
    5. Diversity and Depth of Geographic Background & Expertise: Decades of operating background as Chairmen, CEOs, Founders, and Operating Executives with global experience across US, Asia, Europe, Middle East
  • Strength of Government Relationships: across US federal, state, and local, and governments of allied nations globally:
  • Fluency of execution across, integration of, and partnership across Industry, Government, Academia/Research, and other sectors