Countering Disinformation Campaigns

Helping Corporate & Government Leaders Prevent and/or Control Disinformation and Fake News Campaigns against Individuals and Organizations

In an increasingly fake-news- and disinformation-campaign-dominated world, not only political candidates but corporate CEOs and their organizations’ well-being are vulnerable to resulting character and brand assassinations and share price deterioration (at best) and potentially fundamental extinction (at worst).

Cyber Nation Central helps corporate and government Clients alike develop and execute real-time strategies to handle disinformation campaigns and protect organizational and brand well-being and longevity.

Advisory Scope Includes:
1. Personal and Organizational Disinformation Campaign Strategy Development and Consulting;
2. Communication strategy formation for responding to all types of crises, including character, product, or brand assassinations:

    a. Publicly addressing exposed personnel, product, brand deficiencies;
    b. Creation of communication options and training to stay on prescribed messages;
    c. Creating a “communications platform” for distribution of messages; and
    d. Maximization of message distribution through all mainstream and social platforms;
    e. Forming counter-offense strategies;

3. Development of strategy for identifying and mobilizing communication allies throughout social and mainstream media platforms.

Further Technical Advisory Scope Includes:
1. Assess personal communication security and then build a robust technical communications strategy to limit information exposure, while balancing security with ease of use for the executive, family members, and associates;
2. Assist in investigating the technical cause and objective of a malicious campaign and develop a strategy to counter or mitigate it.